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Published: 03 August 2019

By Andy Ross

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Finding family - the story of a Yorùbá Costume

Textiles are important and just about every important museum in the world has some in their collections. Here is an interesting exhibition currently on in the Brooklyn Museum.

Yorùbá costume is a vital part of the identity of this community, whether from Nigeria, Benin or the diaspora. This exhibition uses one particular piece in the Museum's collection to trace, track and explore the stories behind the textile. You can read an article about this here (with thanks to our reader who sent the link in). The actual costume is stunning in its own right as an object but its story is also fascinating. 

It is interesting, isn't it, the way that the public, museums and cultural institutions are realising that the stories of artefacts are so much more than the simple historic narratives. Now we are eager to hear about the lives of the people who make, wear or display these amazing fabrics. It is a trend that I really like and admire. Sleuthing with the intention of making the world a richer and more diverse place can only be a good thing, in my book!