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Published: 17 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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A winter residency

We have a visitor, Leslie Foale, who is here to weave for a few weeks. 

Leslie is originally from the Northeast coast of the USA and moved to the Highlands in 2015 where she has set up a business, Highland Natural Accents. Following a conversation on the 'phone, we decided that a few weeks in Yell would be A Good Thing, helping Leslie to learn more about weaving and helping us to make a new friend and business associate, so Leslie arrived last week and has been weaving ever since!

We are looking forward to seeing what happens during Leslie's time with us. It is always exciting to have new people to stay and to work, and we are enjoying having new ideas and new energy around. 

Good luck, Leslie, with it all and thank you for coming up to Shetland and working with us.