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Published: 16 October 2012

By Andy Ross

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Laurie Anderson

The Barbican in London has come up trumps again! Laurie Anderson is appearing with the Kronos Quartet in June 2013. Laurie Anderson is an incredible performer, in the words of the Barbican's website, "recognized worldwide for the singular marriage of technology and humanity in her work" and the Kronos Quartet is celebrating its 40th year!

Laurie Anderson has been a huge influence on music-making and is a leading proponent in the use of technology for her performances. I remember seeing her show Moby Dick (was that really in 1999!) which used electronics and technology to produce an atmospheric, unique soundworld. Â Here is a question and answer session with Laurie on YouTube about that show.

The Kronos Quartet has also long been a favourite. Their Pieces of Africa CD introduced us to new ways of listening and experiencing music from the continent.

I am not sure if the June concert is to be streamed; I will let you know. If you are going to be in London, this is really one to get tickets for.