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Published: 22 August 2015

By Andy Ross

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The week that was

Last week was, as we say, Full On! We installed looms, ran open days and a textile tour. Here are some pictures of what we got up. 

Kirsty hosted a great series of open days for the Meet Your Maker event in collaboration with Craft Scotland. We had forty visitors who wove and chatted about all things weave, some from the four corners of Shetland and some from the far flung parts of the world. In fact, this summer has been one of visitors from all over and it was gratifying to see how many people loved weaving and enjoyed putting their hand to a little bit of cloth on the looms. 

Kirsty with screwdriver Kirsty with screwdriver Maggie Bowler helping Maggie Bowler helpingAt the same time, Aaron and Ariel came over from the USA to install the new loom. 

Tybalt helping Tybalt helping

We all helped,Tybalt included, and it did not take too long to get Alvin-the-loom up and running. Fantastic to see how good it looks in our studio and we are looking forward to getting a warp on it next week to test it working properly. Ariel and Aaron Ariel and AaronSuffice it to say that every morning we come in and make a beeline for Alvin and we love showing him off to visitors! Andy looking surprised Andy looking surprised

There was no time to play on Alvin however because the August textile tour ran from Thursday until Sunday. What a fantastic tour this was! Great people from Sweden, Denmark, England, Canada and Germany, and Peter, the guide who worked with me on the tour this time, and I had a really good time showing everyone Shetland. One day of rain (with picnic in the drizzle!) only made us more appreciative of the sunshine which made the last day a really special one - Eshaness in the sun is truly spectacular. Thank you everyone. What fun!

You may have guessed that Monday was a day off! St Ninians Isle St Ninians Isle The ferry arrives The ferry arrives

Rainy day Rainy day