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Published: 20 April 2019

By Andy Ross

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It is lambing season and there are lots of fuzzy little ones gambolling across the hills.

Just down the road from the studio we have a new arrival - a baby black lamb born last night. I was lucky enough to see mum licking baby just after it had arrived and marvelled at how small it was! I did get a picture but mum was being very protective and hustled baby away so they are just two tiny specks in a vast landscape of tan and brown grasses and reeds. I will try again...

The lambs are not very road-savvy and, as you know if you have been here before, are not fenced in. They graze on the scattald, the common grazing of which we have plenty in Yell. If mum and baby are separated at any point and the lamb is startled it will run across the road unexpectedly. Yikes!

The Shetland sheep have been and are an important part of our economy in the isles. So good to see the lambs arrive at this time of year. Another generation coming through to make the wool we love using.