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Published: 03 February 2018

By Andy Ross

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New items for the collection

We have just been gifted three lovely pieces of that Shetland speciality: knitting. 

A friend of ours, Elizabeth, came into the studio this week and brought us these for the collection at the studio. They were knitted by Elizabeth's family and I am very touched that we now have these beautiful pieces of heritage and history with such relevance to the islands. 

The first is an enormous bedcover knitted from cotton using lace patterns. It is too big to photograph so will have to wait until the weather is better and we can take it outside to get a picture. But the other two are much smaller. 

One is an envelope type lace piece with the words "Good Night" knitted into the flap. You can see it in the picture. We think that it may be a place to keep a nightdress but you, gentle readers, may know better. If you do, please tell us. 

The last is the best. It is a bonnet for a baby, exquisitely handknitted using handspun wool, and it looks Victorian or very early Twentieth Century. 

It is so fine that you can hardly feel it when you pick it up, and we are careful to be very gentle with it because it feels so fragile. You can see the bonnet in the picture but to truly appreciate it, it should be seen in person. Please ask if you come into the studio and I will be delighted to let you see it. 

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the generous and kind gift.