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Published: 08 April 2022

By Andy Ross

Là-bas ou ici... Burkina Faso Opera Project

A little while back, while working from our-then home in London, an article about a planned collaboration between Burkina Faso and Japan came up in a newsfeed. 

The project sounded very interesting. Keiko Fujiie from Japan had, by chance, met architect Francis Kéré from the African country and that started a journey, the result of which is an opera that melds two musical cultures. You can read a litle more about the project here.

I was very pleased that we were able to donate to the project and now the opera has been performed. Keiko-san has sent a link to a YouTube video (below) which will premiere on the 9th April at 11pm in New Zealand and midday in the UK. If you are awake and want to chat to others about the performance while it is showing you can do so too. You can also read a brief synopsis of the work by clicking on the video below to go to YouTube where there is more about this unusual pairing of musicians and performers in a country that really has no opera production tradition.