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Published: 31 August 2019

By Andy Ross

Getting the message across

What do neurons and tweets have in common? They have both been immortalised in textiles!

In 2010 a project started to engage the public in science. Since then the Knit-A-Neuron project has gone, to coin a bad medical pun, viral, and now you can knit and crochet and weave many different types of cells. If you fancy making your own version have a look at these instructions from Australia. What fun!

On a different note, an artist in America is making waves with a show in New York which uses sewing and embroidery to make sense of the politics of our time. Inspired to stitch a tweet from the US President, Diana Weymar quickly found her work going viral on Instagram with people wanting to participate with their own contributions. Have a look at the website for the project to see what is said to be the "largest textile Trump protest EVER", making its (very sharp) point with humour and wit.