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Published: 19 June 2015

By Andy Ross

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Knitting in the news

This week, it is knitting that has hit the headlines. 

Vandals in Royston have been thanked for unwittingly publicising a craft fair. The centre of the town was yarn bombed by Laura Whitford who covered landmarks and bollards with crochet and knitting to advertise the craft fair this Saturday but someone has taken the cover off the Royse Stone - a stone which used to contain a cross - and twice removed the netting which festooned the town, and thrown the pieces into trees and onto buildings. Undaunted Laura has posted on Facebook about the missing pieces and, in gathering everything together again, has attracted a lot of publicity for the fair. Job done!

But that is a minor news story this week. The major story is the return of those knitted cuties, the Clangers, to TV screens. Following a refurbishment, the iconic television show, which originally ran from the late sixties into the seventies, is narrated by Michael Palin in the UK which across the Pond, William Shatner takes on that role. Ten minutes of stop frame animation each morning will have you grinning into your cereal!