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Published: 08 June 2019

By Andy Ross

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Of Kites and Collage

What do kites and collage have in common? A family connection.

Margaret Mary Greger was born in 1923, in Nebraska, and passed away in 2009, having become known as "The Kite Lady" due to her passionate interest in the craft of creating kites. Margaret wrote five books about kites; their making and flying, and was inducted into the World Kite Museum's Hall of Fame in 2002. You can read her obituary here. 

But why should any of that be of interest to textile enthusiasts? Well, The Kite Lady passed on her knowledge and skills in sewing to her daughter which led to her becoming a textile artist! Debora Greger is a poet (you can read some of her works here) and a creator of thoughtful collages made from illustrations stitched down and embellished with embroidery thread or monofilament. You can see some of her work, which is coming up for sale in July, on the Abbott and Holder site. 

Skills like sewing, weaving or knitting are often passed down the generations, at least until fairly recently. My family knitted and sewed and we learned at an early age. Here in the isles families still pass on that knowledge, and in so doing, preserve patterns and ideas, and create new heritage for the future. Isn't it amazing how these skills carry with them such important lessons?