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Published: 26 July 2014

By Andy Ross

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Small acts of kindness

A lovely reader has sent in a link which has made us very happy at the studio.

It is the little things in life that give us pleasure so imagine our surprise when we got not one but two gifts in the link - a blog run by Sean Hellman all about his passion for woodwork and all things tree-y, and, further down the blog, a lovely film all about one man who is planting a forest in North East India, Forest Man. Jadav Payeng has created his forested area by the simple method of going out each day and planting trees. Since 1979 he has created a veritable jungle and, along with his family who make his food for his daily journey, he is reforesting and creating new habitat for animals, birds and plants.

Thank you for the link, gentle reader. We love it when people like you get in touch.