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Published: 24 September 2016

By Andy Ross

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Vintage kilo sales

Have you heard of vintage clothing kilo sales? I hadn't for years until an article on the BBC News website caught my attention. 

The concept of selling clothes by the pound (for those of us who are not in the metric world yet) is not new. When I was growing up in Africa, we used to regularly get visits from men and women who wanted to buy our old clothes to sell on in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. A little haggling and the article changed hands, and, if it was not deemed desirable enough, it joined a pile of clothes at the local market where one could purchase a bulk load of these items for a relative pittance. Now it seems that the practice has moved across to the UK from Europe and students, designers and young shoppers have been quick to pick up on it.  I fancy a handpicked selection of clothes ready for refashioning and remodelling, or simply a chance find to be given a second life. It would be Awfully Good Fun to go to one of those sales, wouldn't it?