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Published: 18 May 2023

By Andy Ross

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The colours of Africa

Do you remember playing with a kaleidoscope? 

These surprisingly complex instruments are now mostly seen as childs' toys but started out as scientific observations on light, reflection and refraction. The name has come to mean anything that is colourful and complicated; a constantly changing sequence of elements or patterns. It is an apt name for an online exhibition of art from Africa

60 artists were asked to produce something that related to their experience of being African, and to do so with a choice of colour. Those colours have been incorporated into a wheel of coloured wedges and here is where the fun begins. By scrolling through the colours, it is possible to select an artist and country, and to see the art that has been produced as well as texts that relate to the artist's experience and work. To use the wheel, simply scroll around the edge of the circle until you find a triangle of colour that you like, and then click on that colour. Once you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page to return to the wheel. 

Thank you to our reader who sent this in to share,.