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Published: 20 July 2019

By Andy Ross

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Touring and workshopping

Our tour of Shetland, five days of exploration, is coming to an end. What a brilliant time we have had!

We have had Weather. Fog, wind, rain, sunshine, clouds... You name it, we've had it. Through it all we have talked and joked, laughed, ate and drank, and talked some more. Today is the last day of the tour - Saturday - and we are completing a workshop with Shona Skinner, having had one with me this morning on colour. Shona's workshop is always great to do. Bonded fabrics to create land, sea and skyscapes. It is the perfect thing to be doing on a wet day. After four days of seeing the wildflowers of Shetland (they are wonderful colours this year) it is going to be interesting to see what people are inspired to do on the workshop. 

The tours for next year are booking now and we are getting enquiries for places in 2021. Although they are based on textiles the tours are much more about helping people to understand more about the place in which we live which influences our textile crafts. We see knitting, embroidery and weaving, amongst other crafts, but these are mixed in with scenery, history, geology and heritage, offering a deep understanding of the textiles traditions of the isles. Throughout the summer as we tour the archipelago we learn more about Shetland but also about each other. And that is the pleasure of guiding groups around the isles; on this particular tour we have Australians, English, Swiss and Austrian guests. How wonderfully international. If you would like to reserve a place on the tours for next year please send an email. I will be very happy to assist,