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Published: 21 October 2022

By Andy Ross

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Judith Scott

In 1943, Judith Scott was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

For many years, Judith lived in isolation in an institution but a little while after her twin sister took her out and introduced her to Creative Growth, Judith started to make wrapped objects. Now in collections around the world, these objects were triggered by an artist, Sylvia Seventy, who brought yarns into the studios. Judith took some cloth and yarns and made a small sculpture, the first time that she had shown any interest in art. From that moment on Judith was allowed to use anything that took her eye: a pay-cheque, a shopping trolley, a broom. These objects were wrapped, yarns weaving together to layer, and once the artist felt they were complete, the works were finished with. 

These objects took the place of verbal language. Judith was deaf and did not talk but these pieces allowed expression, becoming "her poetry, paragraphs and sentences", according to her friends at the Centre.

Judith died in 2005.

In 2011, The Museum of Everything showed some of Judith's pieces in the former Selfridges Hotel in London as part of an Outsider Artist exhibition at Selfridges. The catalogue of the show "The Museum of Everything Exhibition #4.1" is in the library collection of art catalogues and books.