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Published: 24 July 2022

By Andy Ross

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John Paul Morabito

The weaver and queer activist, John Paul Morabito, uses weaving to explore history, ethnicity and sexual identity.

In some works that use religious iconography, the artist reinterprets images, creating a highly-coloured version of the original. In others, the techniques of weaving are used to create video pieces that move and shimmer, or to make hangings that reveal the structures of cloth through colour and pattern. 

While I cannot pretend to understand the interview that is in the Warp and Weft magazine, the artist's own website is a joy to see. Try this page for some luscious colour and lovely interiors, this one for some video work (the videos are a little slow to load after pressing play), and this one for a joyful set of rather wonderful hangings. Fabulous!