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Published: 03 July 2013

By Andy Ross

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New books for the library

While away recently I picked up a set of books, DVD's and CD's about Peru by a man called John Cohen.

John Cohen is one of those names that I should know but I didn't... until now. The books are photographic records of John's time in Peru, one all about the lives of the people in the region and the other about the textiles. The DVD's are along the same lines - home film camera capturing intimate shots of people's lives. I love the one about weaving which I have just finished watching, marvelling over the skill that enables people to create these amazing textiles.

There are more DVD's to watch and two CD's of Peruvian music to look forward to in this collection from the Smithsonian.. And even better, here is a link to John's website with all of his work. Apparently his (sound - sic) recording of a Peruvian girl is included on Voyager Spacecraft's "Music of the Earth". I can't help but admire someone like that!

The box set is now in the collection at ASF Shetland which can be used by the public. The library has many interesting books and magazines to do with textiles and crafts and can be used by appointment. To make a booking, please contact Andy on 01957 744 355 or by email: globalyell@btconnect.com.