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Published: 25 March 2023

By Andy Ross

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Jakkai Siributr

In this show, the artist highlights the tragedy of the Rohingya people, the Muslims from Myanmar who face persecution and flee from the country in boats. On a visit to the port from where the boats leave Jakkai saw homes flying Buddhist flags next door to Muslim homes that had been torched. The artist presumed that these flags were used to alert the arsonists to the presence of Buddhist families in an attempt to keep them safe, and so he set out to make "The Outlaw's Flag". The 21 flags from imagined safe countries where Rohingya people could seek asylum form part of the installation at the show. The flags are woven from detritus found on the beach at Sittwe, the place from where boats depart, and include monks' robes, fishing nets and clothing, and include symbols and patterns from flags of countries that have rejected these refugees, leaving them in limbo and stateless. 


Read more about the artist and his work below: