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Published: 08 May 2012

By Andy Ross

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Is it a bird? Is it a robot? No, it's...a condor!

Just on the Shetland Arts website comes the news that one of the highlights of the summer is going to be a robotic bird which will tour the islands and meet the communities of Shetland. Normally, I would say "Robotic Birds! A dime a dozen up here!" but this one is special. Anybody can visit and play to the condor which will remix the music back to the gifter. The pieces of music will also be made into a performance by a local musician in Lerwick. I have a mind to go and sing a Shetland song or two to it...

The idea reminds us of the plastic parrots that you used to be able to buy, which repeated everything you said in an electronic voice while flapping their wings. It is going to be a great spectacle and really, really fun for everyone. Watch the website for details.