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Published: 25 June 2016

By Andy Ross

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Making clothes from what is available

Inuit gut parka Inuit gut parkaSomewhat icky-sounding but very practical, clothes have been made from various innards for centuries. 

The previous exploring (Elpida's work with pigs' caul) set me on a mission to find other things made from natural and unusual materials. I was not disappointed to find a website which is all about Inuit Clothing from the McCord Museum collection, and on that website is this waterproof overcoat made from sea-mammal intestines! I must say that I felt a little bit squeamish about the idea but practical this definitely is and a good use for the parts of an animal which may have been discarded otherwise. The parka even has decoration, small orange sheaths from crested aucklet beaks and brown feathers from the crests which give the birds their name. Aren't people amazing to be able to do something like this?