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Published: 11 January 2015

By Andy Ross

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The Inca

In the dark month of January when all we really want to do is snuggle up in bed and stay warm, telly comes to the rescue. 

A new series, Inca: Masters of the Clouds is currently showing on iPlayer. Although it is not available worldwide through iPlayer, look it out if you can. Dr Jago Cooper presents a whole new way of thinking about the Inca and their impressive empire building skills, along the way showing the importance of the trade goods such as textiles and grains which allowed the expansion of their rule. Amazing artefacts and locations, ancient pigments hundreds of years old which still shine brightly, people who still practise an Inca way of life, bright fabrics spun and woven in ancient ways, and fascinating insights from academics across the world made this an intriguing and riveting episode. Catch it if you can.