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Published: 09 December 2017

By Andy Ross

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Handmade in Mexico

On BBC iPlayer there is a lovely short film about the making of a huipil, the Central American garment.

This programme is part of a series about the handcrafts of Mexico and we follow the making of the garment from concept through its final appearance at a festival. The film focuses on one of the Zapotec seamstress embroiderers who create these vibrant and dramatic pieces, in a lovely piece of storytelling. Well worth a watch.

Of course the internet has many links to this fascinating craft. Have a look at these variations from Guatemala, and at the Wikipedia article about huipil.

If you really want to be bowled over by colour, do a Google search using the terms "Mexican embroidery" and then click on the Images tab. In these dark days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere this is sure to gladden the heart...

*(iPlayer is only available to those in the UK. You may be able to find the thirty minute film elsewhere.)