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Published: 28 July 2011

By Andy Ross

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How to price your work...

Pricing is always difficult and is probably the thing that gives us the most trouble. A helpful way to get advice on pricing is by joining an internet forum to do with crafts, and ask the folk on there. We are members of WeaveTech and Spinners-Weavers-UK, and they are very helpful groups. Another useful way to start to price is by finding out what your actual costs are and a New Zealand member of the WeaveTech group has created an Excel spreadsheet which calculates costs, and allows you to see what you are starting from. http://www.jointworks.co.nz/oddments/free-stuff/ And the final part of the jigsaw is to look at the market, what is selling and what price, what do you want to sell your pieces at, where and to whom? Price realistically, according to what you feel your work is worth and you can't go far wrong!