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Published: 29 October 2021

By Andy Ross

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Each week one piece of writing from a project, Flight!, that started in lockdown will be published on the blog. This week it is the turn of "The Hoopoe - the Mourner".


January flight. Too soon for a Spring.

A bigger idea than I’d known before

Urgently called.

And brought me here 

To these long-distanced shores.


A hoopoe wept from close-cropped lawn.

Turn, turn, turn again.

Crested shadow’s memory 

To sun-day’s shine,

And almost-forgotten rain.


We are the same that Butterfly Bird and me.

Tending time’s trail. Our world, round.

Far from home’s hearth in the heart of the sun.

Weeping for what’s forgotten 

and what has yet to be found.