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Published: 24 January 2020

By Andy Ross

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A new year

The sunrise at 9:27 on Saturday 25th January 2020

It may be the nearly-end of January but as this is the first blog of the year, Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you have all had a good festive season and that January has been good too. It always seems like a long month after all the fun of Christmas and New Year celebrations but coming back to Shetland this year on the 20th means that the sunlight is returning already and the days are visibly lengthening. We are waking to glorious sunrises and ending the working day in the last glimmerings of light. It is Very Different to the middle of December when we left. 

It has been an eventful time away so without any more ado, Many Many Good Wishes for 2020. Here's hoping that it is a year of positive change for the world.