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Published: 08 July 2017

By Andy Ross

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Hannah Höch

This week we have been marvelling at the art of Hannah Höch, a German artist who made photomontages and was the only woman to be a member of the Dada Movement. 

Hannah was born in 1889 in Germany and lived in that country all her life, passing away in 1978. Throughout her life she was active in supporting creativity for women, looking at gender issues and what that meant in contemporary life, and doing all this through her photographic montages and pictures. 

Recently a book Hannah created was published for the first time. Imaginary and fantastical creatures from the mind of the creator populate the pages. Threads, feathers, peas, eyes; all manner of printed material made their way into this book and it was so avant garde that no publishers would touch it until now. A surreal and amazingly detailed series of pictures and poems to amuse, delight, bemuse and entertain.

If you would like to see a copy, please ask at the studio where I would be delighted to show you my personal book.