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Published: 27 July 2015

By Andy Ross

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How (not) to hang a tapestry

Last week we posted pictures of our new studio including one of a piece newly hung... and not hung very well! Here is how it should be done.

The piece is a tapestry and we hung it on existing hooks using rope which pulled in at the sides. Thank you to our eagle-eyed reader who spotted the piece and emailed with a Very Useful Suggestion. Velcro! 

We put a length of velcro onto the back of the tapestry and then carefully aligned the hook side on the wall. It was easier said than done but now the piece is hanging beautifully, looks fantastic and is supported easily all along its length. It only remains to get rid of the brackets that supported a previous piece and, hey presto! No more stress and strain, and definitely no ugly ropes and strings. Have a look at the before and after pictures and see if you agree.

Thank  you, Ms You-Know-Who-You-Are. Suggestions and advice always welcome!