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Published: 21 June 2010

By Andy Ross

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Hamefarin' concert June 20th 2010

Well, what a lovely night. We have just finished the concert for choirs at the Hamefarin' Club, and it was a real success. A variety of songs, and styles, upbeat, downbeat, around and about beat, you name it, we got it!

I think, for me, the highlight was the singing of the Singing Saturdays group, and Pokarekare Ana sung by the SWRI choir. One New Zealander has said that he has never heard it sung so well! Praise indeed!

One of our choir has also sent a message to say that "...the Saturday kids were wonderful". Well done Singing Saturdays!

Thanks to the audience too. Without our audiences, we cannot do what we do. Thank you for coming along and taking part.

All in all a great success. Thank you Hamefarin' Club....