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Published: 20 March 2012

By Andy Ross

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Hajj at the British Museum

Last month, I went to see the Hajj exhibition at the British Museum. A fantastic show with truly amazing textiles, and I wish I could have spent more time looking at the pieces and understanding more about the whole pilgrimage to Mecca which is so important to so many people. I had a brief revelation while in the exhibition that, at some point during the year, while we carry on our everyday lives, whole swathes of the world are carrying out centuries old traditions and moving across the globe to pay respects and homage. A very moving and uplifting moment...

One of the aspects of the show that I really enjoyed was seeing the amazing and sumptuous textiles, and I am reliving that with the BBC iPlayer "The Hidden Art of Islam". Predicated on the idea that the human form and the form of God cannot be depicted, this documentary series takes a look at Islamic art in an interesting and thought-provoking way. Take a look if you have access, and go to the exhibition in London.