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Published: 29 January 2015

By Andy Ross

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Over on Pinterest

A few weeks ago, we revived our Pinterest boards so that we could start collecting pictures together that inspire and help us with our work. 

Pinterest is an way of gathering and collating images together, sort of like the way we used to keep newspaper clippings and pictures from magazines in folders. Not quite the same because you can't shuffle things around and put them together but, as a way of collecting images, it is a fine way to keep track of what is interesting. Our Pinterest boards include "Jackets, coats and overcoats for men", "Embroidery and Stitch", and "Elegance and Exuberance" as well as "Shetland" among others. It is great fun to browse through the interweb, see something we really like and be able to capture it immediately in one place. A great way to keep inspired too!