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Published: 15 March 2017

By Andy Ross

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An electronic jacket

Technology is ubiquitous, isn't it? Everywhere you look there is old and new technology. And the new technology quickly becomes the old. Here is a project where old meets new!

The technique of Jacquard weaving is very nicely explained in this video from the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the technology dates from 1801. Now a partnership between Levi, the fashion label, and Google has resulted in a woven cloth with electronics embedded in the fabric itself. Although this idea has been around for ages (check out this instructible from Lilypad, the sewable electronic components) and companies have been using electronics in clothes for a while to control various gadgets and to monitor health, this looks like a really interesting and flexible arrangement for Busy People, allowing them to answer 'phones and messages for starters while on the move...