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Published: 03 November 2012

By Andy Ross

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Google and the mind

Google has been working on something called "The Knowledge Graph", a way of linking and then presenting information about searches so that we can explore our interests in much more depth. It is an interesting idea but what I think is more interesting is that people can make connections between things that may not necessarily be obviously connected.

When I was searching for information about the Knowledge Graph, I typed in "European weaving traditions" to the Google search bar which brought up this list. It is always fun and useful to have a look at the websites that this brings up so I clicked on the first link, looked around a bit and here is what turned up. I wonder if the Knowledge Graph would have led to the same conclusion. Does a computer know that a blog about textiles has umpteen references to European Weaving Traditions in it and that Tapestry is one of those traditions? We wait with interest...