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Published: 12 August 2017

By Andy Ross

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For some reason, glass is the topic du jour. 

A friend-of-the-blog (Hi, Tam) sent in an email enthusing about someone interestingwho had walked into the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow where a group of textile enthusiasts were demonstrating and chatting, exchanging skills and generally doing all the things that people like doing when discussing something they love. Giuse Maggi lives in Bahrain and is a weaver and maker of glass amongst other things. Apparently there was a lot of stimulating conversation and it turns out that Giuse is a geologist and does all of this art in her spare time! Have a look at her glass gallery...

And closer to home, Niela Nell, who some of you will have visited on tour with us, has also been working with glass. Neila has been creating new knitwear using glass as inspiration and you can read more about artists sharing ideas and how this all came about on her website. 

Thank you for sending in these snippets. It is always interesting and lovely to hear what others are doing.