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Published: 29 November 2013

By Andy Ross

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Gigavia - education for everyone

Have you heard about Gigavia? This very new, very cool use for social networking is really catching on...

The idea behind it is to use social networking to teach and educate, giving people around the world the opportunity to access information, support and help through the phenomenon of social networks. It is sort of like Facebook but Facebook for education. What a brilliant idea from Kenyan entrepreneur Joel Mwale. It already has a million users and more to come, I am sure.

To get into the site, (http://www.gigavia.com) you will need to register and then open your email to click on the confirmation email. Once you are in, you can set up a page about yourself and start inviting your friends. There are areas for teaching resources and information, support and mentoring not to mention all the usual ways to chat and do the same things that most of us do on Facebook and the like. I think that it is a useful way to support education. Do you?