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Published: 22 January 2022

By Andy Ross

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The Ghika Gallery

The Ghika Gallery is owned and run by the Benaki Foundation and is stuffed full of amazing art, music, poetry, photography, sculpture and woven tapestries. 

This is one of our favourite galleries and, in fact has been responsible for our newly-found passion for the art and music of the country. It was because of the Museum that we have bought many books and vinyl records; the labels on the pieces on show were enough incentive to do so!

Amongst the items on display are tapestries, either designed by the artist or created from his paintings. (The picture on this page is woven following his 1931 painting called "Feast at the Beach" and, if you click on it, a larger picture should pop-up to allow you to see the detail.) They are from a short period in the middle of the last century when, across Europe, artists were commissioned to make tapestry designs. Nowadays that form of expression has declined but these are reminders of what was once produced.

A new book, Weavings, has been added to the collection about the role tapestry played in the development of art in the country and we are looking forward to learning more about the craft.