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Published: 17 October 2020

By Andy Ross

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The Tailor of Frant

George Smart lived in the village of Frant in England where he practised the craft of tailoring. 

  In order to attract people into his shop and to make some extra income, George made pictures using different materials - leather, wood, paper, watercolour, and felt amongst them - depicting local characters and animals; sometimes these turn up unexpectedly. These advertising pieces, now nearly two hundred old - George lived through the turn of the 17th into the 18th centuries - sometimes have a poem on the back, explaining the piece. The picture on this page shows one of those poems, reproduced on this page. Not great literature but Awfully Good Fun!

You can read more about George Smart, the Tailor of Frant on this website. Maybe one day another piece of this folk-art history will turn up.