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Published: 28 November 2020

By Andy Ross

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Is this the future for fashion?

Balenciaga, the luxury fashion house, is upping its game when it comes to selling its autum/ winter 2021 collection... literally.

Clothing characters in a digital game in Balenciaga is a new take on advertising. As players go through the stages in the game, entitled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, they will interact with characters clad in the collection. Not as far fetched as it seems. 3D models of fashion and textiles have been around for a few years now.

Balenciaga is not the only game in town though. According to the experts a trend towards technology is happening because the pandemic has caused online fatigue and now innovation is the name of the game. Have a look at this report from the BBC to see some new ways in which advertising may be coming to you very soon.