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Published: 17 June 2017

By Andy Ross

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Fun things to do on a textile tour!

This week I have been running another tour of Shetland. One thing I like to do is to take advantage of whatever is going on in the isles. 

Apart from seeing people knitting and weaving, we have had one of our touring members spinning on the ferry to and from Yell (and yes, it is more difficult to do apparently when at sea!), been gathering hentilags from hillsides and fences with which to spin yarn, and been telling stories to each other as we have travelled almost the full  length and breadth of Shetland. But today has to be one of the highlights; lunch in a local youth centre with a 1950's theme!

Organised as part of The Big Lunch, we stumbled by chance on this neighbourhood get-together. Tables laid with china and tablecloths, and live music. With a picnic already on the cards and with the weather not being so good for eating outdoors this was a great opportunity to eat, drink and chat. Thanks to a chance meeting with some friends we had company over lunch and it was a really good, friendly and warm Shetland occasion; something these islands of ours excel in. 

I hope that our next tour also has something of serendipity to it! Fun and unexpected. Thanks Scalloway Youth Centre.