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Published: 07 July 2018

By Andy Ross

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Frida Kahlo at the Victoria and Albert Museum

London's Victoria and Albert Museum has an exhibition which is worth going to see; Frida Kahlo.

The Mexican artist died in 1954 and for fifty years after her passing a collection of artefacts and clothes were locked away. Now the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has mounted an exhibition of those pieces, the first outside Mexico to show the articles, photographs and clothing that belonged to Frida. 

The exhibition includes some of the medical implements and medicines that the artist used throughout her life, photographs and paintings, but it is the costumes that Frida wore which are the most fascinating for me. Frida Kahlo reinvented herself constantly throughout her life in her choice of clothing, from Mexican embroidered skirts to Chinese gowns. Some of these clothes are on display at the end of the exhibition, beautifully shown and explained. 

Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up is on until 4th November 2018.