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Published: 20 July 2013

By Andy Ross

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The best things in life are free

Every so often a real spate of wonderfulness flows into the GlobalYell inbox. So, in the interests of sharing good fortune, here are those moments from this week.

A free download of a newly reconstructed piece of music by Benjamin Britten, Roman Wall Blues. You will need to subscribe to the site to get the download and that means you too can get advance notification through the NMC newsletter.

Notification on Twitter, coincidentally at the same time as a friend spoke to me about it, told us about The Island Review.  Exactly what it says - interesting and informed tidbits from islands around the world, and island related art, literature, music and the like.

The new Songlines magazine and email has arrived reminding me that it is due for renewal. A choice of 1 or 2 CD's for renewing... hmmmm. Along the way to do that, distraction in the form of the Songlines blog and new music from the Songlines radio on Deezer.

A beautiful piece of printing on textile has been lent to us by Diane Garrick. The piece comes from her Makkin Sail show and is a long piece of sail canvas printed with historical images and words from the days of sail making in Shetland. We are considering how to display the double-sided piece and will put pictures up when it is on show. Thanks Diane!  (If you want to own your own piece, the Shetland Gallery next door has some new pieces in stock. Don't tell anyone else though. Everyone will want one...)

And the final piece of the munificence this week has been a parcel containing a t-shirt and a shirt from the 1980's courtesy of one of our loyal readers in response to the blog post about clubbing and fashion last week. Thank you very much. I shall wear both with pride and joy.