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Published: 27 June 2015

By Andy Ross

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Native flowers

A part of the park in Sellafirth A part of the park in SellafirthThe Shetland summer is variable. Hot one minute, cool the next, but every year the flowers come up, whatever the weather. 

At the studio in Yell we are growing patches of garden which you can see as you walk between the studios. Most of the plants that we have put in are not natives but grow well in this climate, but there is a substantial part of the land that we have left to the local flora (and fauna!) It looks scrubby and not very interesting (see the picture above) but appearances can be deceptive! Heathers, grasses and bog cotton are all in evidence, hiding places for shalders (oystercatchers) and plovers. And at this time of year things burst into colour. Look closely when you park your car as you visit GlobalYell and The Shetland Gallery and you will see violets hugging the ground, ragged robin, trefoil and campion, and, a perennial favourite, three or four small patches of orchids (pictured right) which we are carefully guarding. You are more than welcome to walk among the flowers and see what is growing, but please tread carefully so that we can all enjoy our little patch of happiness for years to come.