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Published: 08 June 2019

By Andy Ross

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Floppy Cloth

For those of us who like to visit exhibitions of textiles we are aware that different shows make us react differently. The curation and display is everything, it seems...

Jessica Hemmings, who has written extensively and researched textiles around the planet including my own native Zimbabwe (Yvonne Vera: The Voice of Cloth explores the use of cloth as a partner in the relationship between events and people), has just published an academic exploration of how 13 different exhibitions have presented their pieces. It is a really interesting read, even though it is necessarily narrow in scope. You can download a pdf from the Textile: Cloth and Culture site. 

Showing textiles is an art in itself. At the moment we are cataloguing the collection in the studio with a view to putting on our own exhibitions once the cataloguing is complete. Of course this is really just an excuse to play with the fabrics that we have collected over the years! If you visit the studio please ask to see the collection. A very happy few hours can be spent opening boxes and looking at Interesting Things.