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Published: 03 September 2012

By Andy Ross

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Finnish music and weave tables

Isn't it exciting to discover something new! This weekend, I discovered two new things that have really made me happy.

On Sunday, I was at a lovely afternoon of music with friends in the studio of the illustrator, Meilo So. Meilo has a small ensemble called ffancytunes and she and cellist, Peter, played some pieces amongst which was Leevi Madetoja who I had not heard of. What a delightful afternoon, full of music and chat, food and conversation. Peter found Madetoja through BBC Late Night radio, and we are all very grateful that he did!

As if that was not enough, a long-running problem has been solved on the textiles front. Working out costs and quantities of material for weavers is time consuming and lengthy, and I have long searched for an all-encompassing spreadsheet that would do all the work. Step forward, Marg Coe who posted on WeaveTech about a very comprehensive workbook. All you will ever need to know how much to buy or to work out how much you will need for a project. Take a look at http://www.e-weaving.com/MoA.htm and take the plunge. It is a fantastic resource and well-worth all the time saved in working out calculations.