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Published: 04 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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A thank you

Last week we asked you for your thoughts on the blog. Here is what you said...

We had lots of replies to the request. Thank you to all of you who wrote in, from across the globe. Some of you have been to Shetland, and some are friends-in-waiting planning to make that Big Trip at some point. Whoever and wherever you are, your replies will help to keep the blog relevant and interesting, and we appreciate your feedback. 

You enjoy reading about Shetland and the cultural life that living on an island offers.

Most of our subscribers are interested in textiles but music plays a big role too and so you want to see the mix continued.

You like reading about things from other places and events that are happening elsewhere too. 

Most people enjoy the curious mix of things that we write about because it is inspiring and makes all of us think about things, sometimes with dramatic effect on our work!

But most of all, you like staying in touch with what is going on in the studio and how the work we do in Yell is progressing. Isn't that gratifying?!

And for those of you who wrote in asking for the blog to continue, please don't worry. There are no plans to shelve it. And if you are planning to write your own blog, get in touch if you need a few handy hints and tips. I would be happy to help.