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Published: 28 January 2017

By Andy Ross

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A little feedback...

Every so often we ask our loyal readers for some assistance. 

The blog is nearly seven and it is interesting to see how things have changed. We started off writing mainly about music with a little textile news thrown in for good measure. Now the reverse is true. Textiles form the majority of the posts on the blog, and music informs every so often. 

That is not a reflection of what is actually happening in the mind of your author though! I have nearly finished by BA in Music (distance learning in opera made possible by the magic of the internet), and music in schools has just started. (See the blog entry about Evolution) 

The blog has a number of readers who have been part of our family for a while - in some cases, years. And I am proud to say that the number of people who actually open the newsletter each week is consistently around 45%. Although that may not sound like a lot, the industry average is in the low 20% range, and each one of our readers potentially sends the newsletter onto friends and relatives. So the blog about GlobalYell manages to get around the world, to New Zealand, South Africa, America, Canada, England, Europe, Scotland, and of course, Shetland. Huzzah to all you folk who have signed up. 

It is hard work but very interesting and a real learning experience to write a blog. Each week I store up interesting things so that I can write about them at the end of the week. In the past we used to write the blog late each night and trawl the internet for news items but there is simply too much and I was afraid that our readers would become overwhelmed. I guess things change and we hope, for the better. That is why we are asking for some feedback now.

Can you tell me why you continue to receive the blog, and what you would like to change or keep the same? It is possibly a Big Thing to ask readers to do, but we want to keep you interested because we love having these friends from all over the world. You can easily send us an email by clicking on this link.

Thank you all for receiving this newsletter from an island in the middle of the North Sea. Isn't the internet An Amazing Thing!