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Published: 16 February 2019

By Andy Ross

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New books for the library

We have some new books for the library: Conquest and Overlord, Embroidery, Silk-Screen Production Process and Michael O'Connell.

The first book, Conquest and Overlord, is the story of the Bayeux Tapestry and the Overlord Tapestry, the latter being inspired by the former. Full of images, the publication brings the two together, comparing historical accounts as well as the making of these pieces. 

Embroidery is an Evans Practical Handbook and was published in 1963. It is another fiiled-with-images book, and combines practical skills with design. 

Silk-Screen Production Process is the fourth edition of this book. It shows the basics of silk-screening in all its forms; domestic, small-scale and industrial. 

Lastly, Michael O'Connell: The Lost Modernist is a book about the man who created the Festival of Britain panels and was influential in Australian and British design. Michael O'Connell is a fascinating figure and this well-illustrated and researched book shows some of his important designs. 

The library in the studio is open to the public. To make an appointment to use the books please email or telephone - 01957 744 355.