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Published: 04 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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Update on the studio

It has been another busy week in the studio in Yell. Here is what we have been up to. 

The winter is time to take stock and make stock. We have been up to both this week.

A long length of Fiona Daly throws came off the loom, some for orders south and some for sale through the summer. I cut off the throws early so that the orders could be finished (Thanks Maggie!) and then retied the warp, ready for more weaving. Stretched out across the two studios the length is impressive! We are now up to number 23 of the 60 throws we are making. Once the 60 are done, we won't be making any more so I have my own order in...

The long length of fabric looked so good that we took it across to the Shetland Gallery to show Shona (who took a picture of it all with me in silhouette at the end of it, proud of the job Kirsty and I did). One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were  talking about all the other things we could make.  Watch this space!

As with any business paperwork is necessary, some of which has been fun this week, like working out what sort of things we need for fitting out the studio ready for the summer. Yes, another change around. This time it has been prompted by the need for more space for our groups and for our production. We now have a long length of table space for laying out fabric to cut and sew, a new office space for me so that I can have all my books to hand (as well as more desk), a new layout in the production studio for displaying fabrics and products, a flat surface for us to cut lengths of fabric, a new place for us to have our yarns which we are using in production, and a lockable room so that we can keep things safe. The shifting around is ongoing and will be for a few weeks yet, but it should all be ready for visitors. 

We have also been chatting about the year ahead in the studio. Hannah has a new project which we will share soon, and Kirsty, who is away, has been posting inspirational pictures of Shetland on Facebook, to be used in designing on her return. Alicja has a new warp ready to weave off some samples for the Tweed Research Project, and I am working with grant applications for continuing our work with that research. It is going to be busy!

And to end the week, good news on the tour front. Our July tour is now full, which means we only have room in May, June and September. Shetland, it seems, is calling people to our shores.

I hope your week has been similarly filled with Excitement and Good Things.