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Published: 30 May 2020

By Andy Ross

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Fashion on the Ration

Fashion on the Ration - Style in the Second World War is a book about the ways in which British people dressed during the tumult of the conflict. While we all know about Make do and mend, the campaign for recycling and reusing, there was much more to dress than just repairing old clothes. For some looking good was part of the war-effort, while for others, it was fortuntate happenstance. During the War many who hitherto could not afford good quality clothing were able to purchase better dress on the ration!

This book has just been added to the library. Its author, Julie Summers, is also the author of the Jambusters: The story of the Women's Institute in the Second World War, which inspired Home Fires, the ITV drama series from 2015. Fashion was a collaboration with the Imperial War Museums and was published in 2015. 

Although the library is currently closed we are continuing to add books. A full list of publications will be compiled and sent out once restrictions lift and we can get back into the studio again.