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Published: 02 May 2015

By Andy Ross

A trip to Fair Isle

This week, I went to one of my favourite islands, Fair Isle, to work in the school. It was a great overnight stay and should feature in everyone's life at least once!

The flights for the Bonnie Isle leave from Tingwall and this surely must be one of the best short flights in the world. Dodging snow showers we made our way down the west side of Shetland's Mainland (picture below) before heading out to sea and the dramatic cliffs of Fair Isle rising straight out of the ocean. It is very hard to take pictures of the huge expanse of glittering water, dark storm clouds and snow falling in streaks; it is a dramatic sight whatever the weather. 

Arrival on the island is always fun. The 'plane flew over the harbour (the picture left),  lands on a dirt runway and is greeted by the fire crew and unloaders who quickly get everyone away, and then the 'plane turns around and leaves again. 

This time around I stayed overnight which gave me plenty of time to go visiting after school. The island is easy to walk - the populated south is walkable in about half an hour or so on the road which encircles the 

crofts and houses - and there is sense of timelessness which has never been any different in the fifteen years I have visited Fair Isle. 

To whet your appetite, here are some pictures. Lambing season is a great time to spend in the island, but anytime is good to spend in Fair Isle. I returned to Mainland the next day and felt like I had been on holiday...