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Published: 24 October 2020

By Andy Ross

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Matching masks to fashion

A few days ago a friend-of-the-blog (thank you Debra) wrote to send on an article about African fabrics and the contemporary take on tradition that has evolved in their wearing. 

African fabrics are wonderfully colourful and bright and are frequently seen on the streets in London nowadays. Inspired by wax batiks from Indonesia and brought to the continent by Dutch traders, printed fabrics are now created across Africa as well as being a major import from Europe still. As you who are regular readers will know, the studio houses a collection of these and this is constantly being added to with frequent visits to Shoreditch's textile shops. The prints on these fabrics often mean something such as indicating a good wish from the giver for health or wealth, but sometimes they are simply exuberant takes on art or objects.

Often the dresses made from these fabrics are matched by headdresses created out of the same fabric. Now, it seems, people are matching the ubiquitous facemasks to both. Top to toe in bright African prints...how very smart!